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About Alldaynatural

Alldaynatural has principles of development of innovative cosmetic products, based only on natural ingredients. Each product is hand made using the most exclusive ingredients combined through unique recipes. The active ingredients of the plant used have proven effectiveness in clinical trials, so that each of them brings benefits to the skin.

It all starts with connecting with the clients
and understanding their needs.

I met Iuliana in 2019. We had a long conversation by the phone in which she told me how she started the company, described her products, and what she imagined they would look like. The products, she said, were amazing but the packaging didn’t reflect that. After receiving samples and testing the products I couldn’t agree more.

We started with Luxury D’Or, facial cream, a booster with colloidal gold, and collagen. I created a blue to black gradient, with a gold foil, mat box, and a transparent label that would make the glass bottle seem colored. The results were amazing and the sales grew fast. After that, I redesigned the Alldaycare range making them more modern, clean, and professional.

More work included stationery, web design for the online shop, and of course, more packaging design for different products.

Additional Work

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