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Ready to put your best face forward? Hey, I'm Sorina, a brand designer specialised in luxury skincare brand identity.

Elevating skincare and cosmetic brands through creativity, strategy, and stunning design.

The Challenge

Skin care brands face a number of challenges as they navigate an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. With consumers more savvy and informed than ever before, brands must work harder to differentiate themselves and build brand loyalty. This means not only delivering high-quality, effective products, but also communicating their unique value proposition and brand story in a compelling and authentic way.

The Approach

Creating a successful visual identity or packaging design involves a strategic approach that combines creativity, market research, and a deep understanding of the target audience. I like to work closely with the brand to develop a strong brand identity that encapsulates the brand’s values, personality, and positioning but throughout the design process, I remain focused on the target audience and ensure that the design is relevant and engaging for them.

The Services

Brand Strategy | Internal Brand – Audience Persona – Competitive Analysis – Differentiation Strategy – Human Brand Persona – Tone Of Voice – Tagline – Core Message Framework – Brand Story Framework

Brand Identify System | Logo – Fonts System – Color Palette – Typography – Packaging Design – Brand Guidelines – Social Media Design – Web Design



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    About me

    Brand identity serves as a visual representation of your brand story, and my services aim to help you convey your unique perspective to the world. I specialize in creating a brand that not only attracts your desired audience but also stands out in the market, leaving a lasting impression and driving business growth. 

    Over the years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with over 100 creative business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups worldwide to develop their brands.

    More about me.

    • In 2010 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and European Studies – I know, unrelated.

    • In late 2010 I got my first job as a junior graphic designer at a print area shop. I immediately feel in love with design and how it influences the buying decision of people and started learning more and more. By 2011 I was a senior graphic designer and in 2012 an Art Director. 

    • In 2017 I became Art Director in a leading national agency – The Ad-Store Romania.

    • In 2019 I started freelancing full-time, got an office and started my own design agency.

    • Cosmetic design is both my specialty and my passion. I dream of having my own brand one day soon.