``Best Brand Awareness Development Strategy``

for Hygienium by Brand Excellence Hall of Fame Awards 2020

Hygienium Disinfectants packaging design

To meet the needs of the general public, Hygienium brand was created in 2012 and gained notoriety in 2020.
  • Client
  • Grande Gloria
  • Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Services
  • Design, Art Direction
  • Collaborating since
  • 2011
Disinfectants packaging design wet wipes
Pocket disinfectant packaging design
  • About Project
  • I started working on Hygienium disinfectants packaging design back in 2012 while I was a full-time Art Director for Grande Gloria, and continued after I left the company. Although it started with disinfectant wipes, such as disinfectants, liquid soaps, and detergents, the brand has expanded, today having a portfolio that includes products like No Bzzz: a sub-range of mosquito repellents, family wet wipes, and rectal care wet wipes.
  • Project Brief
  • Hygienium is a professional brand that promises results. It cleans and protects, it doesn't play when it comes to quality and the disinfectant wipes packaging design must reflect that. For the products containing biocides, the design is plain and simple, easy to remember, and has a medical vibe, the main colors are royal blue and red. On the other products, we played a bit with the designs but kept the clean look of the brand.
Disinfectants packaging design
Disinfectants packaging design
Brand development and packaging design
Hygienium branding
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