Stailer is the new way to book beauty!
A for beauty services.

Stailer gives customers the power to easily browse, book and pay for the best treatments in their area and lets salons and beauty service professionals reach new customers while also giving them useful tools to transform their followers into clients.

It gives customers and service providers a platform to meet in an unprecedented way – by having a shared agenda with the salons we manage to increase the productivity of salons by filling the gaps in their agenda.

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Booking beauty should be easy! Stailer is offering users and salons all the necessary solutions to have an excellent experience throughout.

As a Network Market, marketing is crucial for the success of the project. 12 years of experience in Romania and on the International market. Domains of expertise include PPC, Social Media, SEO, Funnels design, User experience, Growth hacking.

Founder Andrei Ursachi exited in 2018 from a SEO Agency after 10 years of partnership. Besides his experience in SEO, he also has access to all blogs and magazines in Romania and is able to use them for SEO purposes at a significant discount.

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